Micro.blog as front end to Mastodon

Here is what I’ve figured out regarding Micro.blog and Mastodon. This was confusing to me so maybe this helps others.

There are two ways to connect your Micro.blog account to Mastodon:

Option 1 - If you don’t already have a Mastodon account:

On Micro.blog, go to your account settings and find the option for a new ActivtyPub account. Follow the steps to hook it up and your micro.blog timeline will be sent to that newly created Mastodon account.

Option 2 - You already have a Mastodon account:

You want to cross post in this case. Go to your Micro.blog account settings and find the button to edit feeds & cross posting. Connect Mastodon (or twitter, etc) to your existing account. Once this is done your micro.blog posts will go to the account(s) you connected.

I did both but what I really wanted was Option 2. I already have an account with a few followers and telling people to follow you across several accounts is not ideal.

Micro.blog, once configured will allow you to follow your Mastodon friends right in your timeline. At least I’ve been able to add a few so far.

The only hurdle I encountered with Option 2 was Mastodon timing out several times while trying to approve access from micro.blog. It did eventually work and hopefully this all gets better once the great exodus is over.

Happy to be shown what I’m still doing wrong but this seems to work.

Patrick McConnell @pmcconnell
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